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How We Work

Tru Collaboration


One of our essential values at Tru Marketing is Collaboration. When we work as a team, we can achieve more than alone. That is why we work as partners and collaborators with our clients. We are an extension of your existing marketing team, there to help drive your strategic vision and elevate your brand to the next level. 

  • We take the time to get to know your business and key initiatives.
  • We always lead with a strategic approach.
  • We follow up and we follow through. Communication is key.
  • Trust is critical, so we take a consultative method to understand your individual business needs.
  • We want clients to feel comfortable working with us, so we actively listen and thoughtfully engage.

"Kristen and Summer led a wonderful Brand Identity Session for my team. I wasn't sure what to expect, but by the end, I knew we were in great hands. Our team was able to develop new and exciting ideas to grow our business that we never would have considered before. Thanks, Tru Marketing for a great presentation and workshop."



Charles Wear, Owner, Dreaming Tree Dispensary and Supply

Sprint for the win!


To deliver the best experience possible for our clients, we have adopted the 90-day sprint methodology. It's a dynamic framework designed to drive success and maximize the value we provide.

Working with us through the 90-day sprint model offers several key benefits to our clients:


Clear Goals, Measurable Success

We set clear objectives that are easy to understand and measure. This ensures our efforts align with your business goals and deliver the outcomes you are looking for. 

Value From Day One

With our incremental approach, you receive value from the very beginning. We start by understanding your needs, goals, and expectations through thorough onboarding. We gather essential information, align our strategies, and hit the ground running from the very first day. We deliver measurable results at each stage, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimizations for maximum impact.

Continuous Improvement

At the end of each sprint, we review our progress, identify areas for improvement, and refine our strategies. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures we consistently deliver better results.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Our structured methodology enables us to work efficiently and deliver outcomes faster, saving you time and maximizing your return on investment.

Expert Guidance and Tools

Our experienced team has the best tools and top talent to manage and execute your projects. We ensure transparency, progress tracking, and on-time delivery each step of the way.


Let's Work!